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Metin Boşnak (born 1965, Turkey) is a Turkish scholar of American Studies and Comparative Literature, and published poet. His academic publications include contributions to the fields of American culture and literature and Comparative Literature and cinematography. Metin Boşnak has a BA in TEFL from College of Education, 19 Mayıs University, and Samsun, Turkey. As a Fulbright scholar, he completed his M.A. in Comparative Literature at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, in 1990. On return to Turkey, he pursued a Ph.D. in American Studies at Hacettepe University, Ankara, which was completed in 1996.[1] Dr. Boşnak published a collection of poetry in English and Turkish in 1987, Behind My Shadow. Since then he has been publishing scholarly articles on various aspects of Comparative Literature and American Studies. He presented numerous papers at home and abroad, co-edited two academic periodicals: Kızılırmak (1992), and Academia (1995). He has two books pending publication on American literature, The Old Eve in the New Eden, and Love and Punishment in the West. Dr. Boşnak set up, and has chaired the Department of American Studies at Fatih University (September 2000-August 2007). Earlier he set up and chaired the Department of English Language and Literature at Fatih University (September 1997-January 2006). He also chaired the Department of Foreign Languages at Fatih University (February 1998-July 1999). As a visiting professor, he taught in English Department, St. Louis Community College (STLCC-Meramec Campus), Missouri (Fall 2007-Spring 2008). Upon return back home, he taught in English Department, Girne American University (Fall 2008-Spring 2009). He lives in the US on sabbatical leave. Dr. Bosnak has professional affiliations with MLA, ACLA, ICLA, ASA and MCCA.

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